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Imagine having your own personal SOLIDWORKS assistant, a powerful set of productivity tools that are equally helpful whether you’re new to SOLIDWORKS or an expert. Now you can, with its dynamic, continually updated library of advanced tools, #TASK [sharp task] automates those time consuming, repetitive jobs to free up more time for you to work on your designs. With its specially built job management software, #TASK monitors each job, automatically restarting SOLIDWORKS if needed and skipping any files that cannot be processed correctly. So unlike other task scheduling software, you won’t start a job overnight only to discover that a small problem halted all processing completely. So it’s now possible to process hundreds or even thousands of files in a single job, with each job consisting of multiple tasks.

Finally, #TASK allows you to write your own custom scripts, extending the standard macros functionality allowing passing custom arguments and return values. Read more in this article: Writing Custom #TASK Scripts

Our library is hosted online, with all processing performed locally on your own machine. But as the library is online, you will instantly see the updates as we add to the library. We’ve provided a feedback link so if you have an idea for a new task or need to contact us, let us know and if it’s something that we think will appeal to our user base, we’ll add it for you.

#TASK has been developed by Central Innovation, the leading experts in SOLIDWORKS add-in application development. Every care has been taken in the preparation of both the #TASK application and its library, but please note that Central Innovation takes no responsibility of any loss or damage incurred through the use of #TASK. So please, back up your data if you haven’t done so already before running #TASK

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Version 1.1-1.2

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Task can be used to export Solidworks models with a specific output file naming using a single format or multiple formats within a single job execution. - Output File Name provides user the option to specify a text value directly - Destination folder path can be either typed in as text or user can choose the target folder using browse control. - The required output file type can be selected directly by user. Single or multiple output formats can be selected using the multi select control. - File formats available for export are step, igs, Parasolid, Parasolid Binary, STL,3D XML, Solidworks Part - Also provides to save the model as pictures in JPG and TIF formats.

Change Document Units

The task helps in Setting / changing the Document Units for the selected Solidworks Files. - User can Set the units to 'MKS', 'CGS', 'MMGS', 'IPS' or 'Custom'. - When setting to predefined units, user can enter values against System Unit, Length and Dual Dimension Length. - If a value is not set then the same will not be modified. However, when 'Custom' units is selected, user has the provision to specify the values against all fields. - This task works with all Solidworks native files. [*.SLDDRW, *.SLDPRT, *.SLDASM]

Load Drafting Standard

Task provides the ease to load a chosen drafting standard against selected items in Items scope - User can choose to have a [*.sldstd] template. User mush provide a full path to the template file - Task works with Solidworks Parts, Assemblies and Drawings.

Save Bodies As Assembly

The task can be used to save each body within a multibody part as a separate Solidworks part file and then insert them into a new Solidworks Assembly. Following points are to be noted - User can specify Part Names using text or place holders - Assembly names can be specified using placeholders - User can choose a destination folder using the browse control or enter path directly into the field - User has an option to specify if custom properties against each body in a multibody part is copied into individual parts, or/and choose to consume bodies in multibody parts - Can be used with other tools like Export 3D (STL, Parasolid, Step, etc.) where then imported body can be saved as an Assembly.

Copy Custom Properties

This task is used to copy custom properties from Solidworks Part/Assembly to its Drawings. - Custom Properties are copied from Configuration to Drawing - If configuration specific properties are not present then properties are copies from Custom tab.

Activate Configuration

The task is useful to activate a specific configuration in Solidworks. Task works with *.SLDPRT and *.SLDASM Files only. - Configuration Name can be composed of Text or Placeholders - Option to Zoom Fit the model once the configuration is found - Option to Ignore Case while searching for a match - Option to Match full configuration name - This task can be used along with various other tasks to achieve a wide range of outcomes

Shop Drawings

The task can be used to generate shop drawings from Solidworks models. It can automatically generate drawing views for each body in a multibody part. - User can provide an Output file name: Can be composed of Current Date, Custom Property Value, Solidworks Title or Configuration Name - Select a Destination Folder by Path or using the folder browse control - Choose full Path to the Template [including extension .drwdot] - User can also choose to "Place All views on Single Sheet" - User can choose to "Process Each Body" - Select a Paper size from a list of Standard Sizes

Sheet Metal Drawings

This task provides the feasibility to create Solidworks drawings for Sheet Metal components. A single Solidworks drawing file is generated from all solidworks part files present in items scope. - Option to specify a name for the Output File. User can type in the name for the new file or choose from a list of Placeholders like Current Date, Custom Property Value, Solidworks Title, Solidworks Configuration or Sheet Name - Choose a Destination Folder where the Output files have to be stored - Choose a path to the Template file.

Export Design Table

This task will help to export design table in excel format. - User can specify a folder to save the output file - User can specify a file name either by typing in the output file name as text along with .xls extension. Can use placeholders likes Current Data, Design Table Name, Solidworks Title, Configuration Name and Custom Property Value - Task works with Solidworks Parts and Assemblies - Task works best with 'Import Design Table' as they can be used to quickly update variables.

Import Design Table

The task is used to import design table into Solidworks Part or Assembly. - The file(s) against which it is executed should have a Design Table Feature existing in the Configurations Tab - The task works best with "Export Design Table" - Excel can show additional popup messages which require user input during process. Pop up could be disabled using the method from this article 'https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/kb/948615' - Task can works with Solidworks Part and Assembly files

Attach Annotation

This task produces Annotations attached to Drawing Views. - Annotation can be composed of Text - Can use placeholders like Current Date, Custom Property Value, Solidworks Active Configuration Name, Referenced Model Configuration Name, SW Model Title, Referenced Model Title, Referenced Model Path - Which View: User can Select Specific Views to attach Annotation - Choose a reference location to place the note related to the Drawing View - Specify X and Y Offset distance with respect to Drawing View box. - Choose the Leader Style to use - Leader Side: user can choose to align the Leader Side towards Right / Left or Smart

Insert BOM

Task is used to process Solidworks Drawing Files. Atleast one drawing view should be present to Insert a BOM Table - Default BOM Table from Solidworks is Inserted into processed files - Can Process BOM on Multiple tables if user selects 'Run on all Configurations' - Provides user with some options - How the Table should be aligned with the Anchor Point - Should BOM data be Indented, Parts only, Top level Only - Should there be no Numbering, Detailed Numbering, Flat Numbering - When Processing Weldments, the Task provides option to define Detailed Cutlist If Drawing files containing empty views or with no drawing views are processed, #TASK will not process them and shall notify the user regarding the status.

Assign Material

The task provides the flexibility to assign material to Solidworks Parts. - Any assigned material can be replaced by a new material - Specified material can be replaced by a new material - Only considers Solidworks Parts that are assigned with a Material - Material can be assigned to the whole part or specific configuration - Material should exist in material database, while Database name should be unique.

Update And Save

The task can be used to save an existing Solidworks file from a current version to a future version if there are multiple versions of Solidworks installed. The macro automatically saves the original model. - It is recommended to use this macro after creating a backup copy of input files. Files can be backed up using Backup Options > Always Enabled - User should enable the option "Allow to resaving to newer versions" - User can Resize the model to Zoom - Fit the window and saves. - User can also choose to "Rebuild" files and save.

Save Drawing DWG/DXF

The task is useful to save Solidworks Drawing files to DWG/DXF format. These formats are useful to share the design with external stakeholders. - Provides an option to save specified sheets - User can choose to save all drawing sheets into a single file. - user can also choose to save each drawing sheet into a new DWG/DXF file. - To process all sheets, 'Run macro on each configuration' should be enabled.

Save PDF

Task enables the user to save PDF files from Solidworks Parts, Assembly's and Drawings. - Provides the option to choose to save a 3D model as 3D or 2D PDF and drawings can be saved as 2D PDF only. - The 3D PDF provides designers and engineers the extra bit of flexibility to Pan, Zoom and Orient while sharing the file. - - User can also choose to Zoom Fit and Open PDF File once it is created. User should deselect option 'background mode' in #Task settings if zooming is required - Option to Zoom Fit and Open PDF File once it is created. - Deselect the option 'background mode' in #Task settings if zooming is required

Remove Configuration

Task can be used to remove / delete configurations from the selected SolidWorks files. - Works with SolidWorks assembly and part files. - Uses a find and delete method to remove the configuration - Can specify partial or exact name of configuration to remove - Options available for flexibility to perform necessary operations - Perform case sensitive search - Choose not to ignore parent configurations - Toggle settings to search from active or all configurations

Export Flat Patterns

This task can be used to export flat patterns from SolidWorks parts and assemblies. It provides an option to save it in DWG or DXF file format. - Can process multibody parts. - Only processes bodies that are designated with sheet metal feature. - Provides the flexibility to name the output files using place holders - Export options provides user with more control on the entities to export.

Custom Properties Manager

The task supports Adding / Removing / Renaming Custom and Configuration specific properties. - If the property with same name is present, then it will be replaced - Task uses a Table control which allows easy data entry - User can type in the values, Load from a CSV file or Select a Solidworks Native file to load from - Provision to export the values to CSV file is available to the user - User can choose to process Custom Properties or Configuration Specific Properties - User can choose to Process Active Configurations, or Specific Configurations.

Remove Block

This task will help in removing / deleting blocks from Solidworks Drawing files. Task provides user with Options to filter using search fields. - Find what > User can specify Text to find - Options > Further User can select where the text should be looked for > Find the specified text by Match case > Find the specified text by Matching Whole Phrase > Search text in Block Name - Enable "Run macro on all configurations" to process all Drawing Sheets

Scale Drawing Views

This task is useful When drawing views have to be Scaled to an Optimal Fit in the space that is available in the drawing Sheet. - Scales the drawing views based on pre-defined values and allows the user to execute against the set of Drawing files. - Only parent views are modified and projected views are left unchanged.

Rename Sheets

This task helps to process drawing sheet names using placeholders. - Allows user to choose place holder for Current Date User can specify the data in various formats as presented in the link https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8kb3ddd4(v=vs.110).aspx - Allows user to specify a custom property value - User can also choose to name the sheet from Solidworks Title - User can choose to name the sheet from Active Sheet Name - User can set the Sheet name using numbers such as 'Current Sheet' of 'Total Sheets' - User can enable 'Run macro on each configuration'

Insert Hyperlink to the Balloons

Task provides ease to incorporate the feature to link files to each item balloon. As an example, user may want to set a hyperlink to the PDF file to each item number represented in a drawing view containing item numbering within a balloon. The result would enable the user to open the linked pdf file directly from balloon with a single click. - User can compose the hyperlink using Component's name, Full path to the Model, Location to the directory or text - User can use this to provide link to a webpage or to open component drawings(in pdf format) from an Assembly drawing.

Reload Sheet Format

Task can be used when the Sheet format templates have changed or a new set of format has rolled out in the organisation.Task performs the fuction to reload sheet format using the template from previous location. - The modified Sheet format template should exist in its initial path [*.slddrt] - Enable "Run macro on each configuration" to process against each file - Task would with Solidworks drawings only.

Lock/Unlock All External References

This task allows to lock or unlock all external references in the model. This would allow to increase the performance of the assemblies designed with top-down approach

Generate Custom Properties Report

Task provides an easy option to export all custom properties into an xml file. - File contains Custom Property Name, Value and Configuration. - Allows to transform xml file to other format, typically HTML using the eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations file (XSLT) - A sample file is available for download from the below link <a href="http://cloud.ic3d.com.au/sharp_task/library/custom_prps_report/res/TabbedReport.xslt"> - Task works with Solidworks native files

Change Toolbox Flag

Task allow to change the toolbox flag for components. - User can choose to enable Toolbox Flag which means that the component will be set to Read-Only and cannot be modified. - User can choose to disable Toolbox Flag which means that the component will be set to have Write Access and can be modified. - Task works with Solidworks Parts only and is compatible with Solidworks 2014 or newer versions.

Replace Sheet Format

Task allows the user to find and replace Sheet format template. - The macro uses Find and Replace method to achieve results. - User can specify the full path to the template that is currently applied to the drawing file and replace it using full path to the new template file [should include '.slddrt' in paths] - If user has to replace sheet format template for all files present in items scope with a new template, then user can insert '*' against 'Find' and 'Replace' should contain full path to the new template - Can search and replace upto 5 different sheet format templates in a single run. - To process all sheets within each drawing file, user should enable 'Run macro on each configuration'

QR Code Generator

This task helps user generate a QR Code [Quick Response Code] and insert it into drawing sheet format. Task works with Solidworks Drawings only. - QR Code Value: User can choose to enter a Text to Place into Sheet - QR Code Location: User can choose a predefined reference location to place the QR Code: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right - User can also specify the Offset from reference location. The units are taken from document properties. X and Y Offset - Offsets can be specified in terms of X and Y Distances For Top Left > X is Positive and Y is Negative For Bottom Left > Both X and Y are positive For Top Right > Both X and Y are negative For Bottom Right > X is negative and Y is Positive - Width and Height of the QR Code to be placed on the drawing sheet. - Task works with Solidworks Drawings only. - Enable "Run Macro on each configuration" to place on each sheet.

Add Revision

This task can be used to add a Row of data into a Revision Table. - Data will be inserted on the active Drawing Sheet. - User can optionally set to "Run macro on each configuration" if they need revision table on each sheet - If Revision table is not present, then both table and data will be inserted

Dangling Dimensions

This task can be used to produce a report of dangling dimensions. User may also choose to remove these dimensions from the drawing sheet. - By default, a report name is present in the field, however user can specify a Report name with extension .csv (comma separated values). - If user wants a report of such dimensions, then it can be set to 'Do Not Remove Dimensions' - Task works with Solidworks Drawing files only

Add Angular Dimensions

This task helps in inserting angular dimensions between the horizontal and extreme edge keeping horizontal edge as a reference. - Drawing views containing Solidworks Parts are processed where as views containing Solidworks Assemblies are ignored - Values are calculated and decimal places are assigned using document units (Options/Document Properties/Units/Decimals) - It does not identify dimension if they are already present - Axonometric views like Isometric, Dimetric and Trimetric will be ignored

Insert Breaks

The task can be used to insert Breaks in Drawing Views. Breaks are placed into Drawing Views by considering existing geometry with in the model. - Task does not work with assembly files - Task will not work with Isometric Views - Vertical breaks will be inserted for horizontally aligned models and vice versa - Parts with cuts covering its height or width (for horizontally or vertically aligned) will not be processed. - Requires continuous geometry to produce cuts.

Insert Overall Dimensions

Task helps in dimensioning the model present within the drawing view against each sheet and it can traverse through all sheets. - Provide user with option to set horizontal and vertical distance and also the Position where the dimension should be placed, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right - The units, decimal places and other settings are based on document settings. - The tool will not identify if a dimension is already present and will insert a new one, hence overlapping it. - Axonometric views like Isometric, Dimetric and Trimetric will be ignored - Enable "Run on each Configuration"

Remove Table

This task can be used to Remove tables from Solidworks drawings - Uses Find and Remove method. - User can specify the Text to find in 'Find What'. - User can specify the scope of search like 'Bill of Material', 'Weldment Cut List', 'Revision Table' or 'General Table' - Options can be specified to narrow search results to consider 'Whole Phrase only' or 'Ignore Case' - Task considers only Solidworks Drawings

Rename Bodies From Custom Property

This task helps to rename the bodies present in Solidworks File by using a Cut List property value. The search sequence is to look at - Cut-List properties folder - Document Level Properties - Configuration Specific Properties

Update Design Table

This task can be used to update the Design Table present within Solidworks Part or Assembly file. - The task only works when Design Table Feature is present in Configurations Tab. - User can choose to edit data in Excel file and then update Solidworks Model by enabling the Refresh Excel Data check box.


The task provides the capability to update Windows Thumbnails for each Solidworks Native file. - User can choose to execute against files or Folders. - User can set the Default Orientation to be captured in Thumbnails: Front, Back, Right, Left, Top, Bottom, Isometric, Dimetric, Trimetric or Model View

Automatic Recognition

This task launches featureworks for automatically recognise the imported geometry. - User can preselect setting for automatically recognizing features - Can process both single and multibody geometry - FeatureWorks Add-In should be present and be enabled in SolidWorks Add-ins - Task works for both Solidworks Parts and Assemblies

Rename Configurations

This task helps to process configuration names for Solidworks Part and Assembly files using placeholders. - Allows user to choose place holder for Current Date User can specify the data in various formats as presented in the link https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8kb3ddd4(v=vs.110).aspx - Allows user to specify a custom property value - User can also choose to name the sheet from Solidworks Title - User can choose to name the sheet from Active Sheet Name - User can set to generate numbers such as Current Configuration, Current Parent Configuration, Current Derived Configuration as well as Total Configuration Number - Option to Rename All, Rename Parent Configuration, Rename Derived Configuration User should enable "Run macro on each Configuration" if all configuration have to be processed

Detach Drawings

This task enables to save drawings as a new document and breaks the link to the reference model file. - Works on both part and assembly drawing files - Can be used to share drawing files without sharing parametric model. - Output file loads faster than drawing with active link to the Solidworks Part [*.sldprt]

Merge Drawings

This task can be used to merge different Solidworks drawing files into a single file. It adds all sheets from each file into a single output drawing file. - Provide an option for the user to specify the path to save the merged file - Allows to rename drawing sheets in the new file - Drawing template for the new file will be assigned from the first drawing in the items scope.

Report File Licenses

This task allows the user to generate a report containing details related to the items present in Items Scope - Saves the output as a csv file - Helps identify files that were created using Educational, Full, Personal Edition, Student, Student Design Kit. - The output is useful to find files which are not to be used for commercial purposes marked as Student or Educational files - Processes Solidworks part, assembly and drawing files

Renumber Drawing Sheets

This task can be used to specify Sheet Numbering by excluding Sheets using a filter to identify them by Name or Number. - Task breaks the link to drawing properties and replaces sheet counting equation by a note. - Can be useful when drawing sheets containing GA, Cover Sheets, Pricing/Materials, calculations, etc. are to be excluded from count. - Inserts Sheet count using the general format of Sheets X of Y Sample: Sheet 2/4 Excluded sheets are not counted towards the total of [4] in the above equation.

Generate Tubes Cut-Lists

This task can convert parts with straight cylindrical hollow geometry (pipes and tubes) into weldment parts. - Inserts weldment feature into the feature tree - Generates Cutlist for each body within Solidworks Part file only - Custom properties such as Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, Thickness and Height for each weldment body are saved into the Weldment Cutlist. - Task will work with any straight tubes regardless the way they are modelled. - Processes Extrudes, Revolve, Structural Members or even imported geometry.

Sort feature manager tree

This task helps in arranging parts, subassemblies and toolbox components alphabetically within the feature manager design tree of main assembly. - Task works only with SOLIDWORKS Assembly files. - It does not consider files in patterns. - Toolbox components will be grouped into a folder named as "Toolbox"

Change Image Quality

This task can be used to change image quality of Solidworks part, assembly or drawing files. - Modifies the setting available at Tools > Options > Document Properties > Image Quality - It modifies the setting for Shaded and Draft Quality HLR/HLV by setting the percentage. - Wireframe and High quality images can be set using HLR/HLV resolution - User can set the quality level using the Quality field specifying the percentage level

Add/Delete Custom Property

Task can be used to Add or Remove or Rename custom and/or configuration properties. - Macro uses the "Find and Replace" method. - When same 'Property Name' is found, it replace existing value by 'New Property value' - Can process Solidworks Part, Assembly and Drawing files. - Provides option to choose to process Document or Configuration Property - Provides user with option to Remove property name as place holders Example: Use -Revision to Delete 'Revision' from Properties by searching through Document and Configuration(s). Use -* to Remove All Custom Properties from the files.

Export Tables

The task can be used to export the tables that are applied within Solidworks Part, Assembly and Drawing files - User can specify the Output Folder Name or use the browse control to choose a target folder - User can choose the Table types to export: BOM, Weldment Cutlist, General, Revision and Hole Table - Format for Output can be Set to CSV or TXT - Output File name can be configured using Placeholders. By default it is set to [title]_[tableName]. - User can specify text/phrase to Match.

Replace Table Text

This task helps to find and replace text with in Weldment Cutlist, Bill of Materials, Revision and General - Macro uses a find and replace function - User can choose to find the keyword and replace it - User can choose the table types that can be used in search - User has options to Ignore Case and Match Whole Cell contents - Task works with Solidworks Drawing files [*.SLDDRW]

Remove Note

Task provides the option to remove notes from Solidworks Drawing files. - User can specify what to Find within the notes - Options for Find by 'Match Case' and 'Match Whole Phrase' - User can enable 'Run macro on each configuration' to process each sheet within drawing file

Activate Sheet

The task can be used to Activate a specific sheet in Solidworks Drawing file and save it. - Ensure that "Run on active configuration only" is enabled. - Provides user an Option to specify the Sheet Name or Sheet Number - User can provide reference to a custom property value which contains the intended Sheet name or number - Optionally can use Zoom to Fit Sheet

Assign Appearance

This task can be used to assign appearance to Solidworks part and assemblies using '*.p2m' template. Below are some points to note: - By default, appearance is applied to active configuration only - Enable "Run macro on each configuration" to apply new appearance for each configuration - User has to specify the path to p2m, file using browse file control or can consist of text - User can specify configuration names to which the setting has to be applied

Modify Sheet Metal Thickness

This task helps users to change/modify the sheet metal thickness. Any values that is entered is considered to be in document units. - Changes are done to the top level Sheet Metal feature in Feature Manger Design Tree. - Task works with Solidworks part file only - User can Enter value for New Thickness - User can Filter the bodies based on its thickness using Thickness filter - User can Increase or decrease the Present thickness based on Coefficient. All bodies that are filtered based on settings will be multiplied by the coefficient value to calculate their new thickness

Modify Sheet Metal Properties

This task allows the user to Edit/Modify SheetMetal feature present in the feature tree for the selected Solidworks components - Task works with Solidworks Parts only [*.SLDPRT] - Can be used to modify bend radius for all the files in a single run. - User may choose either to Replace the existing value of Bend Radius with a new one - Increment / Decrement Bend Radius by a specific value throughout. - Thickness filter can be used to filter out individual bodies from a multi body part. - Values must be entered in millimetres only (mm) irrespective of the document units. - User has to convert Inches to millimetres.

Cut List Report

This macro processes the Cutlist table present in each Solidworks part file and saves it to a single output report as csv file (comma separated value). - Default report name is set to "cutlist_report.csv". It may contain text or placeholders - User can directly enter the path to destination folder or use the browse control to choose one - It is recommended to enable "Open Read Only" setting

Generate Report of Volumes

This task allows to generate a detailed report of volumes of Part or Assembly and units is set to mm^3. - Traverses through an Assembly and lists all the configurations - Traverses through each body and provides the values against each of them - The output for a particular run is cumulated into a single excel file - If output folder is not specified, then Report is saved to parent folder for each file - If Output folder is specified, then a single Report file is saved - For readability, #TASK inserts a blank row after each file is processed - This task processes only Solidworks Part and Assembly files. [*SLDPRT, *.SLDASM]

Configuration Splitter

This task helps user to process Part or Assembly files containing configurations to save each configuration as an individual Solidworks File. - To generate from active configuration only, please choose "Run on Active Configuration Only" - To process all configuration, Please choose "Run on each configuration" - Saves the output in same format as the input files. - User can specify a Output File Name by either typing in the name as text or by using placeholders - Input file is not modified, however it is recommended to use "Open Read Only" setting in #TASK

Drawing Scale Report

This task helps in generating a report containing scale ratio for each Drawing sheet and drawing view within the file. - To improve readability, one blank row is inserted to mark the difference between two sheets and two blank rows are inserted to identify a new file. The output file is named as 'ScaleReport.csv' by default, however user can change this.

Drawing Splitter

This task processes each drawing sheet and saves it as a new Solidworks Drawing file. - The input drawing file is not modified. - Recommended to use "Open Read Only" setting in #Task - Use "Run macro on each configuration" to save each sheet present in a multi sheet drawing as a separate Solidworks drawing file - By default, Output Drawing name is set as [title]_[configuration] and saved as slddrw format. It may contain text or placeholders - User can directly enter the path to destination folder or use the browse control to choose one

Annotations Formatting

Use this task to change the format of text used in Solidworks Drawings. It provides the user with options to - Specify or change the font to be used in Solidworks Drawing File - Specify or change the font height (mm) - Specify or change the font height (points) - Specify or change the Angle (deg) - Specify or change the Color - Filter text by its contents 'Must Contain Text' - Options to change to Italic, Bold or Underlined This task is useful to insert or bulk edit to update the annotation format in existing drawings

Publish Images

The task can be used to publish images of Solidworks Parts and Assemblies. - Exports Photorealistic images based on the setting of material and appearance. - Additional a Logo can be inserted - Support Transparency - Useful to export photorealistic images of models with company logo or watermark to present a sign of authenticity.

Import 3D

The task is useful in importing CAD Files from neutral format into Solidworks Native format. With multibody can be saved to Solidworks Part file by setting the import option in Solidworks to 'Import Multibody to Parts'. - Provides user with the option to Specify Output File Name. User can enter text as the Output File Name or can Construct it as Place Holders. - Destination Folder can be either selected using the browse control or the path to target folder can be specified as text - The following file formats are supported by this macro: *.step, *.igs, *.x_t, *.x_b, *.ifc, *.stl - User can specify to import geometry as Part or Assembly

Generate Drawings

This task helps to create Solidworks drawing files for the selected Solidworks Parts and Assemblies. - User can Specify a Drawing Template with Sheet Format to generate a default Front View with 2 Projection Views. - If template with pre-defined views is specified then the model is inserted into it. - User can choose a standard Sheet Size and select a projection type - Deselect 'Background Mode' from #TASK Settings

Replace/Add Global Variable

This task helps to add or modify an existing global variable. The macro uses "Find and Replace" method. - User should specify a global variable name and a corresponding value - If global variable name is found then the value is replaced otherwise it will be created and will be assigned with the value - User can specify formula against the value field - New global variable is added for all configurations

Scaling Views/Sheets

This task can be used to process each drawing view or sheets to scale them upwards / downwards. - Task works with Solidworks Drawing only [*.SLDDRW] - User can choose to specify a value against Scale Views or Scale Sheet. It can be parameterized using placeholders - Input values as Decimal or Ratios - Set to "Run macro on each configuration" if user wants to process on each sheet, otherwise the macro processes on the active drawing sheet only

Autoarrange Dimensions

This task allows the user to arrange the dimensions in Solidworks Drawing files. This can be used after user has processed the files through automatic dimensioning. - User should have dimensions in the drawing files - Choosing 'Run on all configurations' executes on all sheets. - Outcome is similar to using Tools> Align > Auto Arrange - Files being processed should be in write mode.

Insert Note

This task can be used to insert a note to Solidworks Drawing. User can choose to Insert the same note into multiple sheets based on enabling setting to 'Run on each configuration'. - User can choose to insert text into a note - User can specify formulas to be resolved into a note - User can specify a X and Y distance from bottom left corner - User can type in multiline text into #TASK and the same will be shown - Cannot filter sheet by name and does not validate for presence for a note

Add Area to Cut List Property

This task processes all Solidworks Part file to generate a new Custom Property 'Area' and assigns a calculated value as text into Cutlist Table. - Processes Solidworks Parts with Cutlist. - Units are specified in metres m^2. - Area is calculated based on the two largest dimensions of the Cutlist body. The 'Area' property can be used to drawing Cutlist to provide additional information about the bodies in the model.

Find Replace Text in Annotations

This task provides user with the feasibility to modify the annotation text present in Solidworks Drawings. - User can use it to replace existing Text - User can enter only the words or phrases that need to be modified - User can Replace Text with Formula - User can Replace the Resolved Text from an existing formula to a desired Formula - Example $PRPSHEET:'PartNo' whose resolved value is 'PRT-YYY' to $PRPSHEET:'PartNo1' - Argument: Find '$PRPSHEET:'PartNo'' & Replace '$PRPSHEET:'PartNo1'' - User can replace text present in Drawing Title Box - Task works only with Solidworks Drawings and can process Folders or Files

Insert Hole Dimensions

This task is helpful in inserting hole diameter and the position of hole from an edge. - Considers drawing views which contains reference to parts only - Assemblies are not dimensioned. - Holes with the same diameters are grouped together. - Threads are dimensioned by referencing to its inner diameter. - Edge Chamfers are dimensioned as inner and outer diameters. - Holes that are linear patterned are dimensioned by their centres. - The units and accuracy (decimal places) is controlled by the document properties. - Task works with Solidworks Drawings only [*.SLDPRT].

Orientate To Isometric

This task can be used to change the orientation of Solidworks model to isometric. User can select files or folders and #TASK will ensure that the tool executes the procedure against each file present in the target folders. - User has to ensure that the 'Background Mode' is deselected within #TASK Setting

Add Overall Dimensions

The task helps in capturing and storing bounding box dimensions of the model present in a Part or Assembly File. - Stored as properties against the respective configuration names. - The property names are captured as Overall Dimensions, Lx, Ly and Lz. Here the Lx, Ly and Lz are the Dimensions measured along X, Y and Z axis. - Values are saved as static text and will not be update if the model is changed. The task should be re-run to update the values that are already present. - The Units specified against these values are captured from the document units.

Add Mass Custom Property

Task can be used to create new custom property "Mass" and add them against each configuration for the selected Solidworks Part files. [*.SLDPRT] - The value is calculated based on the body present within the configuration - Considers the density of material assigned to the configuration and the geometric volume. - Values are always presented in Kilograms (Kgs) - Task works with Solidworks Parts only [*.SLDPRT]

Configuration For Each Body

Task can be used to create Configurations for each body within a multibody. - Can be used to generate custom properties specific to the geometry of the body. - User can insert properties like "Mass", "Volume", "Surface Area", etc. to calculate automatically - Task uses Delete/Keep body feature to enable a specific body for selected configuration. - Task works only with Solidworks Parts. [*.SLDPRT]

Report Part Material

Task can be used to generate a report of parts where the materials is not assigned. - By leaving the Material field blank, report is generated to identify the part with no material assigned. - Task works with Solidworks Parts [*.SLDPRT] - Task can be used to compare the assigned material with one that is entered in Material field.

Update Cut list

This task allows the user to update the cut list items for the selected list of Solidworks files. - Provides the capability to ensure that Cutlist Items are updated before Weldment Cutlist table is generated - Can be used to Checking Cutlist Table before sharing information with Cut Shop or Fabrication department - Used when Automatic Update is disabled - Task works with Solidworks Parts only [*.SLDPRT]


SolidWorks Referenced Files Extractor (Beta)

This plugin can be used with #TASK to extract references files from assemblies, parts and drawings and add to #TASK items scope. This plugin also finds the where used referenced drawings

SolidWorks PDM Integration (Beta)

This plugin consists of 2 scripts which enable the integration with SolidWorks PDM. The files in the vault can be checked-out and checked-in while processing in #TASK